REALRYDER: advanced indoor bicycle

It Comes from the United States the absolute 2009 news for the fitness world and indoor cycling. It’s called Realryder ABF8 and it is the first and only indoor bike that moves just like a real road bike. Thanks to a patented system of mechanical linkages and pivoting the rear position of the flywheel, the Realryder ABF8 is able to simulate pedaling over an outdoor bike.

Realryder ABF8 is the evolution of the traditional and static indoor bike and at the same time it is an excellent tool for a complete exercise. The workout on the bike requires a full physical movement: not just the legs and buttocks, as in traditional indoor bike, but also arms, shoulders and all the stabilizer muscles (core) are involved.

The bike oscillation encourages the development and strengthening of the stabilizing muscles, stimulus for proprioceptive balance.

The rear position of the flywheel with a diameter greater than that one of the traditional indoor bike allows a much more fluid and natural movement.

The increased angular velocity can get more rpm (rides per minute).

Pedaling in the saddle in the oscillation of the bike allows you to distribute the load of stress part of the lumbar-sacral in 3 points instead of only on a central point as in static bike thus making it less traumatic than on traditional bikes.

Realryder ABF8 suites both for the cyclist and for the lover of fitness and in both cases provides extraordinary benefits and good results as any other indoor bike is capable of doing. In addition to ensuring more fun in the lessons of indoor group cycling, Realryder ABF8 also provides an excellent and comprehensive physical training.

Using Realryder ABF8 you can make a rehabilitation work. Holding the bike tilted on one side you can do a job in isometric going to focus on the leg to be strengthened.

Realryder ABF8 is a real news in this area of fitness which h

as remained stationary for over 10 years, both in technology and in the dynamic group courses. The indoor cycling training is now enriched by the possibility of different pathways simulated curves to the right and left, bends, etc..

In addition to group lessons Realryder ABF8 may also be included as a single tool with the cardio and isotonic exercises.

Using Riding Realryder ABF8 you can do aerobic fat-burning, including localized slimming. Millimeter adjustments to the saddle and handlebar allowing the athlete to position themselves effectively on the bike. In conclusion, the riding Realryder ABF8 workout becomes much more real, more effective, more stimulating and in the same time more fun.

Realryder ABF8 will be presented in Europe to the ForumClub world of fitness – Fiera di Verona – 20-21-22 days in February 2009.

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