Friedrichshafen AERO 2012

We have just been at the Friedrichshafen international AERO fair, the event focused on flights, together with our Sport Techonology Reviewer and pilot G.Sabatino, expert about aviation and microlight aircrafts.

Many are the technology innovations we have been able to see: starting from the new materials, the precision Avionics, up to the electrical aicrafts and those very special using photovoltaic panels.

The microlight sector is full of innovative solutions: european designer have been able to show a real set of competitive and hingh performance aircrafts, reaching almost 300 Km/h.

General aviation showed effective solutions for touring aircrafts, together with helicopters extremly innovative.

Furthermoew, the instrumentation turned to be reach and full of Tablets optimized for air navigation. The mechanics made use of the last available materials.

It’s notable the propeller quality along with a many details for each sector.

Finally we would have a look at the nice and effective Bush flying solutions, suitable for take-off and landing apporaches during extreme conditions.

The Friedrichshafen AERO 2012 photo gallery we have been able to catch is here available.

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