Adidas Supernova Glide 4: review

During the past few weeks we took the opportunity to test the Adidas Supernova Glide 4, one of the last creation by the German multinational corporation leading in design for sport clothing and accessories manufacturing.

When we received the package, the first feeling was extremly professional. We got the size US 9 for testing. The shoe looks really innovative, light as a feather and without any flaw. The style is sober, plain, however Adidas really took care of the details.

Materials and components are very well studied, so to enhance the performance of the shoe on one hand and to make it lightweight on the other hand.

Among the most interesting news, the Zonemotion technology is certainly remarkable for optimal grip in various ground and weather conditions, together with the full miCoach SPEED CELL™ support, suitable for performance evaluation and control of your training table.

We performed intensive tests on several tracks, first on short distance, with medium elevation and significant variance, keeping on constant step, suitable for every runners.

The second kind of training has been performed on a hill track and longer distance, at an average medium rate.

One of the remarkable feature is for sure the ability to quickly adapt to the shape of your feet. We have not had even to dress the shoes sometime before running (like we are typically used to do when we get a new pair of shoes). This is due to several improvements made by Adidas to the GEOFIT™+ using the FitFoam™ technology to better fit with the shape of your feet, so to guarantee the maximum comfort, together with minimum impacts.

On one side, the upper is extremly transpiring, on the other side, it is designed so to be used in every weather conditions.

The cushioning level is A3, however the reactivity is considerable, especially during the races where you need more performances.

On level land the shoe reaction to stimulus is fine, even after many kilometers, making the roll easy on every ground condition. As far as the grade line increases, the lightness combined with the high reactivity allows to measure out your effort.

On the descent itinerary and the most significant variance, the Torsion System technology provides great stability and keep your sole safe.

In particular the Adidas FORMOTION™ techonology provides even great performances compared to the previous editions, so to mitigate the impacts on your joints and back.

To wrap-up the Adidas Supernova Glide 4 turns to be an excellent footwear, suitable for every kind of runner, starting from the beginner up to the most demanding ones, from short distance up to full marathons, providing great reactivity together with high cushioning level.

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